Welcome to Brand Trading

Czerwiec 23rd, 2010

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Brand Trading website. We’re building this site for You. Our company is rapidly expanding therefore our goal is to become professionally presented in such popular media like the Internet.

Brand Trading is an international company, delivering chemical goods like diapers, washing powder and many more. Contact us to become our customer – email and phone is located at the top of the screen.

Best prices of Mars, Twix, Snickers and more

Kwiecień 29th, 2013

Brand Trading has the best prices of Mars, Twix, Snickers chocolate bars. Just contact us and we will prepare a quotation with all relevant logistic data.

Stock clearance

Czerwiec 28th, 2010

Dear visitor,

As usual we’re clearing up our warehouses. Therefore we’ve prepared special price discounts for our regular customers. Contact us – we will prepare special offer for you.

Business process

Czerwiec 24th, 2010

Dear Customer,

Brand Trading is in the middle of business process improvement. Digital economy gives us the opportunity to get to new markets more quickly and more efficiently. Our goal is to give our potential customers best prices and best business conditions. Contact us – we will prepare a special offer for you. You won’t regret it!

Fairy lemon 1000 ml

Czerwiec 23rd, 2010

Brand Trading has the best possible price for Fairy dish soap products in all European countries. All possible flavours. Contact us – we will prepare an offer that suits you.

Delivery of goods

Czerwiec 23rd, 2010

Brand Trading offers you many different ways of delivering goods. You can choose land transport – using automotive (truck, TIR, etc.), via air or by sea. Our company is located near Gdynia Marine Port in Gdansk Bay. Contact us and choose the way that suits you.

Contact Brand Trading

Czerwiec 23rd, 2010

Dear Customer,

You can contact us by many different media. The easiest way is to call us by mobile +48 516 064 282. You can also call us by skype – brandtrading. Our office email is: office@brandtrading.pl.

Libero diapers – special prices

Czerwiec 23rd, 2010

We’ve signed a contract with local distributor of Libero products – diapers especially. Best prices on the market. Contact us – we will make a special offer for You.